Stat Emergency Center of Laredo

Laredo North

(956) 791-3000

For Billing Call 346.250.4440

Laredo South

(956) 608-3000

For Billing Call 346.250.4440

Eagle Pass

(830) 522-3000

For Billing Call 346.250.4440

Del Rio

(830) 498-3000

For Billing Call 346.250.4440


STAT Emergency Center of Laredo in the Press

STAT Emergency Center of Laredo Commercial

KGNS filmed a commercial to promote Stat Emergency of North Laredo’s location, where the patients will enjoy the comfort of an upscale medical environment, without the typical inconvenience common to a hospital- based setting. When seconds are being counted, turn to Stat Emergency Center of Laredo, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week …

Stat Emergency Center of Laredo Featured in KGNS TV Report

LAREDO, TEXAS (KGNS) – The landscape in North Laredo is changing, as more businesses seem to popping up in what used to be a primarily industrial area.You may have seen a map on social media that show a lot of new businesses coming to North Laredo. As far the city is concerned, some of that is true, just not all of it …

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