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Laredo South

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Laredo North

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Doc Bios

STAT Emergency Center of Laredo's Doc Bios
One important step in choosing the right doctor for you is to hear from them personally. So here is a chance to read about what our doctors have to say.

Dr. Adolfo Aldape

Internal Medicine and Pediatrics

With the help of Dr. Adolfo Aldape, STAT Emergency Center is bringing fast and efficient new world medicine wrapped in old world personal style care …

Dr. Tom Vo

Dr Tom Vo

As one of our Managing Partners at STAT ER of Laredo, please meet Dr. Tom Vo who is part of the STAT team …

Dr. Horacio Diaz

Dr Horacio Diaz

STAT Emergency Center is very proud to have Dr. Horacio Diaz, his expertise and extensive medical knowledge as part of the medical team …