Our Leadership

Our Leadership

Meet the group that encompasses STAT Emergency Center.  When it comes to the best team to provide excellent care and service, the staff at STAT is the team you can count on.  Our team of Physicians, Registered Nurses, & Technicians work tirelessly to keep this South Texas Emergency Room running smoothly.

Doc Bios

One important step in choosing the right doctor for you is to hear from them personally. So here is a chance to read about what our doctors have to say.

Executive Management

We are proud to share with you the highly experienced and respected group of professionals and entrepreneurs with STAT Emergency Center of Laredo. They make quality and satisfaction their top priorities on a daily basis. They are the executives that bring years of experience with a deep understanding of the complexities of managing this type of medical facility. These administrators are here to transform the industry’s approach to understanding and improving the patient’s experience.


This exceptional and evolving group of nurses is making strides to advance and deliver outstanding care as they put the needs and concerns of their patients first. They collaborate with doctors to find the ideal plan of care for each individual..


Each prestigious staff member plays a role of defining and measuring quality of care. STAT’s staff ensures that patients will receive superior care and that the Emergency Room’s services will continue to be available for patients and their families.