Stat Emergency Center of Laredo

Laredo North

(956) 791-3000

For Billing Call 346.250.4440

Laredo South

(956) 608-3000

For Billing Call 346.250.4440

Eagle Pass

(830) 522-3000

For Billing Call 346.250.4440

Del Rio

(830) 498-3000

For Billing Call 346.250.4440


STAT Emergency Center

Find support and advice on global health with STAT Emergency Center. Making our community healthier through the power of information, reaching an ideal level of care. We cover it all …

STAT Emergency Center is provides quality health information that is trustworthy and approachable. By exploring beyond the health industry with a broad spectrum of stories, STAT continues to strive for excellence by researching and discovering new opportunities to deliver a higher level of emergency care.

Summer Workout Safety

Be smarter than the heat. You can’t just ignore the heat because you could wind up with a heat-related illness or other problems.

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