Stat Emergency Center of Laredo

Eagle Pass

(830) 522-3000

For Billing Call 713.357.2535

Laredo South

(956) 608-3000

For Billing Call 713.357.2535

Laredo North

(956) 791-3000

For Billing Call 713.357.2535

Krisdian De La Garza-Facility Administrator

has worked over 15 years in Human Resource and Operations Management.

Her vast experience involving facility management has proven to be an asset for the facilitation & implementation of policies & procedures at both facilities. Mrs. De La Garza was part of the opening team for both the north and south location, and will be part of the upcoming facility in Eagle Pass, TX. As Facility Administrator she oversees the entire operation in regards to personnel management, daily operations, financials, and safety compliance programs. In her spare time, Krisdian enjoys spending quality time with her two children.