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Daniel M. Lonergan

Please meet the Director of Finance & Governing Board member with STAT Emergency Center of Laredo, Mr. Daniel M. Lonergan …

With a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Kansas and over 20 years of experience in executive management and business development, Mr. Lonergan currently owns and serves as CEO of a group of healthcare related entities specializing in Physician Practice Management, Hospital Consulting and Service Line Development, Emergency Department Management, Pharmacy Marketing, Blood, Toxicology and Genetic Laboratory Services and Sleep Diagnostic Testing. Physician practices under management include surgical, anesthesia, hospitalist and surgical assist. Hospital consulting contracts include consulting agreements with Hospital Corporation of America and IASIS Healthcare.

Previously, Mr. Lonergan spent sixteen years in the housing industry serving in executive positions in both public and private companies. Mr. Lonergan began his career with Arthur Young and Company, at the time, one of the eight largest CPA, Tax and Consulting Firms in the world. Currently, Mr. Lonergan resides in Boerne, TX with his wife of 28 years, Kimberly. They have two grown children who work with Mr. Lonergan. Ms. Megan Lonergan serves as Manager for DML Healthcare Management as the Surgical Practice Manager for a large surgical practice in San Antonio and Mr. Robert Lonergan serves as a manager in Mr. Lonergan’s Pharmacy Marketing Company.

Mr. Daniel M. Lonergan is customer oriented and is passionate about unsurpassed customer aid. He considers it a privilege to be a part of STAT Emergency Center and working with the great community of Laredo.