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Dr. Phil Jackson

STAT Emergency Center is pleased to announce the arrival of the newest addition to our staff and community, Dr. Phil Jackson. Please join us in giving Dr. Phil Jackson a warm South Texas welcome as he tells us about himself …

Dr. Phil Jackson

I was raised in Missouri by a father who was a small-town, country doctor. In the 1970’s, I entered into active duty with the US Air Force and later attended college on the GI Bill. I received a US Air Force scholarship for medical school at the University of Missouri-Columbia. My goal is to bring an impressive amount of education and experience in the medical field to the STAT team and to Laredo.

After completing my residency in Washington, D.C., I was assigned as a Flight Surgeon, Emergency Medicine Physician and Third-World Medical Officer while stationed in Germany. Most of my early career was spent in deployments throughout Africa and the Middle East. I served in Desert Shield/Desert Storm and can say that combat is no fun. I operated as a military NASA Flight Surgeon responsible for the emergency coverage of the Space Shuttle program in Europe and Africa. I have flown everything from C-130’s to F-16’s and have over 5,000 hours of flight time. I re-entered the civilian world in 1994 and had a Family Medicine Clinic in Colorado and Western Texas for a few years.

I went back to Emergency Medicine in 1999 and have been practicing exclusively in that specialty since then. I currently live in Corpus Christi and travel to Laredo because my good friend, Dr. Sebastian Padron, asked me to be a part of STAT Emergency Center. What I will bring to STAT is a proven commitment to the excellent treatment of patients, and the desire to continually improve their quality of life. I hope my addition to the team expands the services we at STAT Emergency Center offer the community and surrounding areas.

I am passionate about helping others through the power of medical care, and I look forward to sharing my expertise to those in need.

Aerial images found below were taken by Dr. Phil Jackson with a drone camera.