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Dr. Horacio Diaz

STAT Emergency Center is very proud to have Dr. Horacio Diaz, his expertise and extensive medical knowledge as part of the medical team …

Born in Cuba and raised in Miami, Dr. Diaz knew he wanted to become a doctor at the very young age of seven after he noticed a cousin studying medical books. He states that he knew in his heart he would be a doctor one day.  At the time, he and his family were farmers in Cuba. His family then moved to Miami two years later where he volunteered reading books to patients at Miami Mercy Hospital. He then volunteered at the University of Miami and at Jackson Memorial Hospital when he was just 14 years old. He attended the Universidad de Monte Morelos in Nuevo Leon and later graduated with a medical degree from Universidad México Americana del Norte in 1986.

His background includes emergency medicine and Dr. Diaz was a family physician for over thirteen years. Serving the community of Laredo has been his biggest joy in medicine and he is extremely proud that his business colleagues and partners were able to bring STAT to Laredo.

Aside from the day Dr. Diaz married his beautiful wife, Ariadne, his happiest days were when his children were born. They are the proud parents of three children; two sons currently attending the University of Texas in Austin and one daughter who is a high school student.

Dr. Diaz enjoys the outdoors and he is an avid hunter. Most of his free time is spent hunting with his daughter and family dog. He expresses how pleased he is with the quality of services and access to excellent healthcare that STAT has been able to provide the community and surrounding areas thus far. You can always find Dr. Horacio Diaz with a smile on his face ready to help his patients!