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Occupational Medicine

Occupational Medicine

woman being treated for occupational medicine

Occupational Medicine

Stat Laredo is dedicated to supplying the best possible care experience for patients. A large part of providing this level of comprehensive care is in providing treatment that meets all the needs of a given patient and that integrates smoothly into his or her life, including occupational life. That is whyStat Emergency Center has developed and implemented an occupational medicine program.

What Is Occupational Medicine?

Occupational Medicine, which is also known as occ-med, is a branch of medicine aimed at improving a patient’s occupational health. Occ-med helps ensure that patients are completely fit to handle their work duties and that they can safely perform the necessary functions of their jobs without adversely affecting their health. Occupational medicine also evaluates job sites and work environments to ensure that they are safe and don’t pose a danger.

To accomplish these goals occ-med takes a full range of patient life conditions under advisement for determining surgery, physical therapy, and other treatments. Occ-med ensures the patient’s well being is fully optimized to meet all the needs of both their lifestyles and their professional lives.

Why it Matters

Occupational medicine matters because an person’s career is usually an extremely important aspect of his or her life. Because so much time is spent at work, and because work is crucial for securing a stable, comfortable life for the patient and his or her family, it is crucial that sick or injured employees receive treatment that will help them get back on their feet and continue with their day-to-day lives as quickly as possible, yet without sacrificing the quality of their healthcare.

This type of therapy also reduces the number of sick days needed and thus helps to minimize disruption in the workplace, making occ-med beneficial both to patients and employers. Furthermore, it benefits doctors and other healthcare workers because it provides an insight into the full context of patients’ lives and how best to treat them within that context. Treatments can thus be fine tuned to meet the needs and priorities of the individual person.

Occupational medicine is also shown to help reduce OSHA reportable and recordable events. This in turn benefits workers and employees alike.

Stat Emergency Center Occupational Medicine Program

Stat Emergency Center has a top quality occ-med program in place to help patients. Our ER physicians can consult with occ-med physicians to develop treatment plans that will most benefit patients. Stat Emergency Center will also confer with work facilities to make sure the work environment is safe for the patient.Stat Emergency Center thus fills a crucial role in the region by ensuring that all patients have a great, healthy standard of living.