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STAT Emergency Center

Find support and advice on global health with STAT Emergency Center. Making our community healthier through the power of information, reaching an ideal level of care. We cover it all …

STAT Emergency Center is provides quality health information that is trustworthy and approachable. By exploring beyond the health industry with a broad spectrum of stories, STAT continues to strive for excellence by researching and discovering new opportunities to deliver a higher level of emergency care.

ER Care: An Insight to the Importance of Bedside Manner

Writing this article proved difficult for me to try and convey the importance of bedside manner as a non-clinical employee for a freestanding emergency room. I am definitely not an expert by all means, but I understand how essential it is for any person experiencing an emergency situation that they feel comfortable and satisfied with the service provided.

Healthy and Simple Crockpot Recipes

Eating healthily can be expensive, time consuming and less gratifying than just giving into your food temptations. It’s often difficult to find the motivation needed to stick with your healthy eating goals, especially as we near a month into New Year’s resolutions.

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