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STAT Emergency Center

Find support and advice on global health with STAT Emergency Center. Making our community healthier through the power of information, reaching an ideal level of care. We cover it all …

STAT Emergency Center is provides quality health information that is trustworthy and approachable. By exploring beyond the health industry with a broad spectrum of stories, STAT continues to strive for excellence by researching and discovering new opportunities to deliver a higher level of emergency care.

What to Know About Urgent Care Centers

The accessibility of medical treatment has improved greatly over the past few years. Now you can be seen, treated and on your way home in less than an hour at stand-alone facilities, like stand-alone emergency centers and urgent care centers. But not both of these medical facilities are able to provide the same level of […]

How to Dispose of Prescription Medications

Prescription medicine, although meant to save lives, can be extremely harmful when taken incorrectly or abused. Just one dose can be lethal when taken by a curious child or even a memory-impaired senior relative. Learning how to properly dispose of prescription drugs is important, but often confusing and overwhelming without research. At Stat Emergency Center […]

How to stay safe while having fun in the sun

Americans take nearly two billion trips to the beach each year, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. As summer approaches and temperatures rise, more people will be planning their trips for a beach getaway. Jumping in the water to escape the heat is a great way to cool off and burn a few calories while […]

How to Prevent the 3 Conditions That Send Seniors to The ER

As we age, our immune systems become weakened and can lose the ability to fight certain infectious diseases. The CDC reports that in 2009–2010, a total of 19.6 million emergency department (ED) visits in the United States were made by persons aged 65 and over, and these numbers are expected to increase. But disease isn’t an inevitability of aging.

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